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Use automated PR comments to help guide users through your review process. These can be used to communicate your process to contributors and first-timers, instruct reviewers, or boost morale 🎉.

Notifications are triggered by "events". These events include many of the GitHub/Bitbucket webhooks, but also a few events from PullApprove itself.


version: 3
- when: pull_request.opened
  comment: |
    Hey @{{ author }}, thanks for the PR! The review will start once
    the tests and CI checks have passed. You'll also need to sign our
    CLA if you haven't before.
- when: pullapprove.approved
  if: "author_association == 'CONTRIBUTOR'"
  comment: "The review is completed. Thanks @{{ author }}, we'll take it from here."


Pull request automated review comment from PullApprove


The following events can be used for the when field.

PullApprove events

  • pullapprove.started - the first time that PullApprove sends a "pending" status for the PR (e.g. groups have been activated)
  • pullapprove.approved - when there are active groups, and they have all approved the PR
  • pullapprove.group.requested_reviewers - when review requests are created by PullApprove, comes with event.group and event.requested_reviewers
  • pullapprove.group.unrequested_reviewers - when review requests are removed by PullApprove, comes with event.group and event.unrequested_reviewers
- when: pullapprove.group.requested_reviewers
  comment: |
    {{ event.group }} review requested from {{ text_list(event.requested_reviewers.mentions, "and") }}

GitHub events

When filtering events or writing comment templates, GitHub events come with additional data from the GitHub webhook itself. This data will be available in the event object and would contain things like event.sender or event.review.body. Check the GitHub docs for up-to-date examples of what data these webhooks come with.

- when: pull_request.edited
  comment: "@{{ event.sender }} edited this PR."
  • pull_request_review_comment.created
  • pull_request_review_comment.deleted
  • pull_request_review_comment.edited
  • pull_request_review.dismissed
  • pull_request_review.edited
  • pull_request_review.submitted
  • pull_request.assigned
  • pull_request.converted_to_draft
  • pull_request.edited
  • pull_request.labeled
  • pull_request.locked
  • pull_request.opened
  • pull_request.ready_for_review
  • pull_request.reopened
  • pull_request.review_request_removed
  • pull_request.synchronize
  • pull_request.unassigned
  • pull_request.unlabeled
  • check_run.completed
  • check_run.created
  • status

Bitbucket events

More information about the Bitbucket webhook payloads can be found here.

- when: "pullrequest:updated"
  comment: "{{ event.actor }} updated this PR."
  • repo:push
  • repo:commit_status_created
  • repo:commit_status_updated
  • pullrequest:created
  • pullrequest:updated
  • pullrequest:approved
  • pullrequest:unapproved
  • pullrequest:changes_request_created
  • pullrequest:changes_request_removed

GitLab events

Notifications are not yet enabled for the GitLab beta.

Filtering with "if"

You can filter out events based on the state of the PR by adding an if condition. This is written using the expressions syntax but you also have access to the event object.

- when: pullapprove.approved
  if: "author_association == 'CONTRIBUTOR'"
  comment: The review is completed. Thanks @{{ author }}, we'll take it from here.

Updating existing comments

Use comment_behavior: create_or_update to keep an updated "status" comment on the PR. Note that when a comment is updated, it won't trigger notifications to people on the PR.

- when: pull_request_review.submitted
  comment_behavior: create_or_update
  comment: >
    {% if groups.pending -%}
    This PR still needs to be approved by {{ text_list(groups.pending, 'and') }}
    {%- else -%}
    No review groups pending.
    {%- endif %}